Location Shooting

Rogue Valley Video professional location shooting services.

Rogue Valley Video provides professional location shooting services that can be used as B-roll or as extra flavor or mood for your production.

Sometimes a project needs some moving aerial shots or footage of a river or stream to add visual interest.

Based in southern Oregon, Rogue Valley Video has access to many types of sights and scenery not found in other parts of the country.

If you are looking for some particular scenic footage for your production feel free to contact us via our online form or by phone at (541) 702-1039 and tell us what you have in mind.

View Some Location Shooting We’ve Done

Visit our portfolio page to view some of our work.

About this Service

You need additional B-roll or flavor shots for your production. We can help you with that.

  • Full Copyright On All Materials
  • Stunning Scenic Photography and Videography
  • Many Diverse Settings
  • Delivery Of Raw Or Processed Materials

Location Shooting Pricing

Our pricing for on location still photography and videography. If you would like us to quote a flat rate for your project, or have special requirements, get in touch via our online form or call us at (541) 702-1039.


Location Still Photography

* See notes.


Location Videography

* See notes.

* Displayed pricing is based on us transferring the copyright of the materials to you. If you do not require copyright to the shot materials contact us for a quote for your project.
Travel expenses apply based on $0.75 per mile for vehicular travel distances. Airfare and accommodation charges apply for travel outside our geographic location plus per diem rate of $150 per day. Other expenses may apply.

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